Friday, October 27, 2006


So apparantly I don't have too much imagination, as it has been days since my last brilliant idea. I must be getting old. :)

While I'm waiting for inspiration to strike, I'll post some _other_ people's million dollar ideas.

Just found this today on YouTube and loved the implications of it. I imagine real-estate agents will jump all over this one, as it could quickly replace the clunky QuicktimeVR system with a similar experience at a fraction of the effort.

Just found out about Vox after discovering and visiting Joi Ito's blog. I expect Vox to do very well for a lot of reasons:
  • They invested a lot of time and energy into the user interface to keep it clean and simple.
  • They are obviosly targetting the mass market by ensuring they have just enough template designs for people to feel they can express their creativity without losing them in the noise. I remember reading the following tagline somewhere on their site: "blogging for the rest of us".
  • They ensured that the service plugs into anything '2.0'.
  • I haven't used all of the options yet, but I am under the impression that they encourage links to 'books I'm reading, music I'm listening to, movies I'm watching and games I'm playing" and probably facilitate the WYSIWYG formatting of one's vox blog with images from amazon etc. Seems like a very smart business model to me. Make it easy for people to make their blog look nicer with the pictures of the content they are consuming and they are more likely to attract the positive attention of visitors to their blog. If the blog provider encourages a specific retail partner then they collect all the referal fees.

Finally, via boingboing, I came across this great post on a reproduction of SnowCrash (one of my favorite novels) in Second Life (more here). There is something very Escher-esque about the book that inspired the game being virtually reproduced in the 'metaverse' that the book first predicted. I would have loved to see Penguin take it one step further and reproduce a meta-game within SecondLife based off of the SnowCrash novel. Using games to create meta-games is something of an obsession of mine, so I'm holding my breath for someone to do this in a big way.


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