Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Crossing

I have to admit ignorance on this one -- I had never heard of The Crossing before reading about it on 1Up this morning. I still haven't decided what I think about their "Crossplay" game mechanic, but it is certainly interesting. It feels sort of in line with some previous posts I've made re: user-generated content seeding other player's games. Executive Summary is that gamers playing a standard multiplayer deathmatch become the AI opponents of those playing through the game in the linear story mode. It is explained in much greater detail in the interview I linked to above, so dig a little deeper to see how they plan to get over some of the evident design hurdles.
Plus it has the art director of Half Life 2, uses the source engine, and has a pretty cool theme. The video below is a short trailer from Youtube. See a longer and prettier version here (and check out the first-person grappling hook action. hot).


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