Sunday, January 07, 2007

Google Video + Adwords

I've blogged before about the inevitable addition of google adwords to google video. Much like the explosive growth of in-game advertising, I expect context sensitive embedded web-video advertising to become a fact of life within the next few years, and few companies are as well poised to make this happen as Google.

Well, according to a post I just read on boingboing, it has begun. The latest Charlie Rose interview with a noted Physicist by the name of Lisa Randall looks to have embedded google adwords in several places in the video.

Now I'll admit that I couldn't actually find the embedded adds. I skipped through the video to many different locations but didn't see anything, so perhaps google has already pulled them down. I trust boingboing, though, so can safely say that either those adds are there, or they were.

Either way, though, I'm sure we'll see more of this very soon.


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