Friday, November 17, 2006

The 1% Rule

The 80/20 rule is well known and applies to many areas. I've only just now learned of the 1% rule, though, in an article on Guardian Unlimited.

The point is simple: in the world of user-generated content only 1% create. The other 99% benefit from the creations of the lead users passively.

In a post yesterday I mentioned the recent interview with Phil Harrison discussing Sony's participatory culture ambitions. I get the feeling that there are some very smart people around the world with ambitions to take consumer-generated content into the mass market and turn the 1% rule into the 80/20 -- 20% of the userbase for a product creating 80% of the content.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, a friend of mine is pursueing development of a tool and platform along the same lines, focusing initially on 2d webgames. The key is meta-content, if people can mash their avatar from the RPG into the Racing Game and cast haste on their car, you've got an automatic exponentiation of both content and audience solidarity.

12:43 PM  
Blogger Ben Mattes said...


That sounds like a cool idea indeed. I'd love to see it when the project is ready for public consumption.


10:59 AM  

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