Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sony goes Longtail with PS3

I just read thisarticle on Gamasutra and found it interesting. An interview with Phil Harrison on Sony's PS3 'blog', ThreeSpeech, talks about their ambitions for user-generated content on the PS3.

This point in particular got me thinking that they are likely looking to games like Spore for inspiration as to how to take user-generated content to the mass market.

On the most basic level you’re talking about map makers, but how far could user-created content go with PS3?

“Well, I have to be really careful not to give the game away because we’re keeping this secret, but don’t think about it in terms of maps, think of it in terms of behaviours, environments, physics, rules… all the tools that you could want, but in a very consumer friendly way.”


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