Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Peekaboom -- google image labeller v2.0

So a friend just introduced me to peekaboom another 'wisdom of crowds' image labelling game similar to the 'ESP Game' or Google's own image labeller.

The goal of Peekaboom is to help train computers how to autonomously identify items in images -- teach them how to 'see'. Google image labeller perhaps has less noble goals and, as I've said before, could be used to build up relevant google addword tags to apply to all web images, monetizing an element of the web that is massive and yet untapped. In general meta-data on most web objects other then text (movies, images, music, etc) is difficult to do automatically.

Cool app -- worth exploring for a few minutes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Ben, im your dads sister's (kathy)son Derek, I recently saw your dad at our uncle kens wedding anniversary, he told me that you are producing video games for ubisoft, i have recently bought a nintendo wii and am very intrested in video games, if you could give me an e-mail with an update on what you are currently making gamewise taht would be great

Thanks, Derek Tyler Komatich

7:39 PM  
Blogger Ben Mattes said...


Nice to meet you, if only virtually. I don't believe we've met in person before, have we? It has been a while since I've met with some of the more extended family members on my father's side.

I will certainly email you to discuss a little more about what it is like to work in videogames but, unfortunatly, I cannot discuss the project I'm currently working on. NDA eta. Hope you understand.

All the best,


12:21 PM  

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