Monday, January 29, 2007

Rupture Pt II

A while back I mentioned the fact that a new MMOG Meta-data service was in development called Rupture. It went 'live' (in a beta form) a few days ago and is available to play with for anyone with a WoW account. Check it out.

Seems like they took Xfire and married it with Allakhazam's Wow Reader. Not a bad marriage if you ask me. I'm curious to see if the uptake of this tool will have as big an impact on guilds as the ubiquity of voicechat (teamspeak, etc) had a few years ago. Most MMO guilds would likely find it impossible to operate these days without online voicechat (organizing raids via text would be a nightmare). I'm guessing no, since the services it offers seem to already be available elsewhere, but sometimes well-done convergence is all that is needed.


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