Tuesday, April 03, 2007

World Tour Of Game Development

Patrick over at King Lud Ic has written an interesting 'world tour' of the cities where most game development is done (with a North American focus, but certainly some lip service to the international scene as well).

Interesting reading, if only to test yourself to see if you are aware of where all the movers and shakers are based (I, for example, wasn't quite as well versed with Boston and New York developers as I would have liked).

Seems to me like the type of article that Next-Generation might publish. ;)

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Blogger Patrick said...

Unfortunately, there isn't enough diversity in international cities to really characterize them. I could say "Mumbai and Bangalore make a lot of mobile and web games, as does most Russian and South American developers, and Shanghai and Hongkong and Singapore have a lot of art outsourcing teams," and I kinda just did, but I think the disparity is clear. Its only a matter of time however, part of it will be the diversification of the market place, where "web-game" could mean ten different genres using five different business models.

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