Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Star Wars: Force Unleased

If Star Wars: Force Unleashed isn't on the top of your most anticipated lists for 2008, you need to read this article (from Vanity Fair, nonetheless).

I remember seeing Euphoria (one of the two key technologies in Force Unleashed) in action at GDC 2005 and being thoroughly impressed. I can't wait to see it in a game to see just how far they push the technology.

In case you haven't already seen the recent trailer online, check it out here.

Other then my own title (naturally) Force Unleashed is top of my list for this year.

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Friday, February 01, 2008

Time Stops - Excellent Performance Art

Everyone once in a while something comes through an email forward that is just too cool for me _not_ to pass on. This is one of those times.

A performance group (flash mob?) all simultaneously froze in mid-step in the middle of central station in New York in the middle of rush hour. The look of confusion and awe on the faces of all the passers-by is priceless.

This is what the internet is made for. :)

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