Monday, December 08, 2008

The reviews are in, let the controversy begin

I'm glad most of the big reviews are out of the way and plenty happy with the ~85 we META-ed at.

Now the real interesting part starts - the debates. I've read some very thoughtful arguments for and against the 'accessibility' of the game but thought I would start off tonight with one that particularly grabbed my attention. isn't a site I usually frequent, but their 'analysis' (not a review) of the 'easiness' of Prince Of Persia was very well put - I could hardly have argued the case better myself...but that doesn't mean I won't try. ;)

I'm still enjoying the sun in Florida on vacation but when I'm back in Montreal I expect I'll be drawn to some of the POP discussion and offering my own thoughts on the matter.

If nothing else I love the fact that people seem to be playing the game all the way through to the end.



Blogger Mokuu said...

Dear Ben,

This is the second time ubisoft pulls this off on me and nearly had me breaking the CD.

Prince of Persia collectors edition,

The game = GOLD

The collector package = The issue of this post.

Ok, guys, you are a funny gang, that behind the scene was kick ass and really brought me back to the days where i was testing splinter cell and rainbow six in the building, but AGAIN, there was no hardcover artbook.

And there is my beef with the company, the prince of persia artists have the been the top notch of the game industry, that artistic vision for the new prince of persia is a complete mind blast yet ubisoft still manages to fail at releasing this greatness in an artbook. What the hell people?! That blue ray CD aint an artbook, its a taunt, theres practically no way i can keep it, show it to friends, fully enjoy it cause i have to turn on a BLUE RAY PLAYER each time i want to see it.
Fallout 3 had both a behind the scene dvd including the art AND the small artbook.
Even God of War 2 released an artbook with the strategy guide and that was a complete masterpiece.

What happened with ubisoft? Who keeps ignoring the possibilities, do they think there isnt a fan base big enough for such a move? Lack of design ideas, im dying to hear the answer. I never got an answer during the time of Prince of Persia 2-3 and i though they'd change their marketing strategies.

Aside from that, the game is gold, seriously, i enjoy it, brought me back to the serie, the artistic vision was a big gamble and worked. ou guys thought out of the box and thats something which the industry is LACKING IN MASS. Too many wannabe realistic games and not enough creativity like yours.

Keep kicking asses.

3:12 PM  
Blogger DolphGB said...


Because we give 'scoreless' reviews (we prefer people to hang on our words rather than the last two or three numbers), you might have missed our review and other PoP content, so here it is...

Thanks again for a truly stunning game - hope you feel we 'got it' like IGN did.

PS3 Attitude

11:41 AM  
Blogger Ben Mattes said...


That is indeed an excellent review and - as you said - the fact that it isn't listed on metacritic (an unfortunate reality worthy of a future blog post, I think) means I hadn't seen it.

I'm very happy you liked the game! What did you think of the ending?


8:07 AM  
Blogger Ali said...

Thank you for a brilliant ride. I enjoyed the new Prince of Persia very much but I have to admit the game has its problems mainly repetition.

You guys have done a fantastic job creating a magnificient world to explore and a stylish cinematic combat system and great characters as well BUT lack of challenge really plagued the game to be honest not to mention lack of variety in terms of platforming.

I applaud you though for going into a different art direction especially in this day and age where only darkness/blood are what plagues the gaming industry.

The best part of the game for me was definately the ending. The way it was all orchestrated was so emotional. Having to see the prince go back and destroy all what you literally spent healing during the game had such a big impact. Well done

Now, I hope the sequel (of course there will be one!) won't go all Warrior Within on us!

please fix the level of challenge (combat/platforming), add some diversity to the platforming and please please just give us more head scratching epic-ish puzzles.

Other than that, Thank you for a fantastic game and keep up the good work :)

8:15 AM  
Blogger edu said...

Hi Ben,

Glad I managed to find a way to provide feedback on Prince of Persia. Simply put, it's probably my second best game of 2008 (even though I only picked it up this year). I've played through it once and am now a quarter of the way through a second play through, and I'm amazed at just how wonderful it is (and how much I failed to pick up at the beginning of my first play through).

There's not much that I have any cause to be unhappy about in the game. The artwork (having just witnessed the 'screensaver' images around the temple, I'm even more in awe), the music, the gameplay mechanics (more red portals please), the story, the chemistry between the characters... everything has conspired to make me feel overwhelmingly positive about the game. When I saw the first trailer, I was worried that the characters would not appeal but they confounded expectations by being engaging, funny, touching, and, well, recognisably human. And of course, I might add that the ending is up there among the best game endings ever (I'd add that probably my favourite game ending was PoP Two Thrones).

Of course, it may not be recognisably a 'game' as befits the approach by GoW, Halo and Fallout gamers (of which I am one), but the enjoyment I derived from it, and the emotions it drew from me, are sure to guarantee that I'll remember it for the rest of my 'gaming life'. I never thought I'd be as keen to see DLC content as I am for PoP.

So, let me just say this: thanks for being involved in such a wonderful game. I would be grateful if you could let the rest of the team know that there are people out there who understand and value what you did with the game.

All the best,


Oh, and my game of 2008? Why, it's FPS PoP - Mirror's Edge.

4:05 PM  

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