Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Recommendation System

I'd like to try a little experiment with an 'interest based recommendation system'.

If you have visited this blog more then once, please continue reading. If not, this experiment doesn't apply so well yet (but thanks for visiting!). Before participating, please read through the blog a little more and see if you find the subject matter here interesting. If yes, continue, if no, sorry. ;)

If you have read more then one article I've written and found it interesting and appealing to your own personal interests, please continue reading. If you come back for my sharp wit and good looks -- again, thank you -- but you don't apply.

Final step: if you are already a fan of Battlestar Galactica, you don't apply. You have exquisite taste in television shows, but you can't help with this experiment.

So if you are still reading then my experiment is based on this statement: You will like Battlestar Galactica. If you give it a chance, if you watch even one or two episodes, there will be something about it that appeals to you. Maybe you'll like the characters, the setting, the sci-fi backdrop or the morale quandaries and dilemmas that they explore on a weekly basis, but you will enjoy it. To help convince you to give it a chance, I suggest checking out The Story So Far
or the free online webisodes. If you have the time, this 44 minute primer will provide an excellent summary.

Okay -- so now the experiment: given that you and I share some interests (which we obviously do, or you wouldn't have found at least 2 of my past blog posts interesting) and given that I really like Battlestar Galactica, does my statement that you too will like the show have any weight or not? If you are willing to participate in this little experiment I'd greatly appreciate it if you would post your answer ("yes, I gave it a shot and do in fact like BG" or "nope, sorry, even though we share some interests, this is obviously not one of them").

The point I'm obviously trying to explore is (1) whether the fact that we share some common interests means we'll share others (seems obvious to me) and (2) how many (and which) interests do we have to have in common for me to be able to safely recommend you something new.

Obviously the question of interests and taste is not black and white and is vastly more complex then my 2-point analysis above, but I'd love to get some first hand information about this so would appreciate if you'd humor me. ;)

Finally, if you find this experiment interesting I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd consider forwarding on this blog post to a friend who you think would want to participate. Thanks in advance.


Blogger Ben Mattes said...

Right -- the sound of crickets chirping and wind blowing (is that a tumbleweed I see?) leads me to believe this was asking too much. ;)

Scratch this one up as a failed experiment. Back to the drawing board. really _should_ be watching Battlestar Galactica.

10:17 AM  

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