Thursday, May 24, 2007

Emotion In Games II

Sorry I've been so quiet of late everyone. I took the week off of work last week to focus on my neglected home and patient wife, and fell a little out of touch with the goings on of Our World as a result. I'm just starting to get back up to speed.

This one will be short but I might build upon it tomorrow. I read on next-gen today that Lionhead has released the first of their development diaries focusing on fable 2. This first installment talks about the now infamous dog giving even further details and promises regarding how emotionally connected we'll be to our canine friend in this game. I've blogged before about my thoughts on Lionhead tipping their hand somewhat with all this talk about how much we'll care for the dog, but I do like some of the things Peter has to say.
“We give you no control over the dog. Just think about that for a second. No control over the dog. You haven’t got a dog button… You control the dog by worrying about you as a hero"
Download and watch the complete video here. On another note, does anyone else find Peter Molyneux has a very soothing voice? I think he should do some voice acting in fable2. ;)

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