Tuesday, May 01, 2007

And now for something completely different

Via Engadget - this has nothing to do with game development but is just too cool not to post.

Anyone out there remember the 1986 movie 'Short Circuit' ("Number Five Is Alive"). Does anyone else remember having their imaginations sparked as children by that movie and thinking robots were not only the future, but the COOL future?

Well Daniele Benedettelli, a (I'm guessing) masters student in robotics, has used Lego's awesome Mindstorm NXT product to create a faithful reproduction of the infamous Johnny Five and it simply blows my mind.

Watch the embedded link to see Number Five in action and join me in hoping against hope that our children will love the 'new' lego as much as we loved the old. Not much would make me prouder as an eventual father then having my son/daughter get into constructing robots as 'play-time'.

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