Monday, June 04, 2007

Brash Convergence

So the industry has been buzzing since yesterday over the news that Brash Entertainment has secured 400 million in funding. That can buy a lot of convergence. ;)

Just a couple quick points on this subject:
  • In March when I first learned of the existence of Brash and their business model, I was admittedly skeptical.
  • Brash must be doing something right, though, as they seem to be attracting some impressive talent, including a designer aquaintance of mine whose skills I respect. I'm willing to suspend a little my judgement of their business model and 'convergence' ambitions until I see their first titles.
  • If they fail -- if they fall into the trap of making shoddy movie-licensed knockoffs -- I'm worried about the impact that will have in the rest of the industry, in particular others looking to attract VC.

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