Sunday, December 21, 2008

Best Reading of 'A Night Before Christmas' you'll ever hear


Blogger Mokuu said...

I gotta say, the industry is grinding my gears, people are taking risks with new concepts and different game play methods yet people still manage to bitch about minor things as low death penalty or low difficulty and i have to say theses kids haven't been through the stint of shooter games and repetitive cartoony platformers we had to endure for a few years and they haven't lived long enough to see how repetitive some of thee new shooters and rpgs really are.

Hell, we are finally getting away from bumpmap and gritty textures we've seen over and over and we fucking know we can achieve realism, TIME TO MOVE ON, i honestly don't get theses guys and i wouldn't want games like POP and Mirrors Edge to go unnoticed BECAUSE they arent like GTA or Gears of War or another WW2 game, no, screw that, even though it'dd fall into the "cult classic" area, we need more games like that, more risks and trials, different approaches similar to the Japanese market and i don't think the Western side of the industry values game design evolution enough. It shouldn't solely be about the big bucks.

And for heavens sake, people bitching about easy difficulty should remember how horridly buggy some of the mass market games are. Man, this is just a real piss off i gotta push the game out as much as i do with No More Heroes or Valkyrie Profile cause, really, what the hell.

My christmas will be spent playing PoP, Zack and Wiki and...oh wait...deadlines for drawings.

Merry Christmas!

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