Tuesday, April 17, 2007

War Against The Sun

Like me, my brother-in-law works in game development and is a huge gaming geek. Also like me he has much less time for gaming these days then he once did (his time is even more precious since he and my sister are new parents). As such we make it a point to try and get together at least once a year for a 'War Against The Sun'.

The point of these WAtSes is to simply shut out any and all potential disturbances from pure and unadulterated gaming goodness (ie: wives, children, and yes, any and all consciousness of time) and lock ourselves away in a basement with tinfoil on the windows so as to most appropriately get 'in the zone'.

There will be food and drink on hand, a killer home entertainment system (his, not mine --*sigh*) and, finally, God Of War 2.

For more then a month now we've both resisted not only the urge to play to play, but have also avoided any discussion about the game that might contain spoilers or even to allow ourselves to watch trailers or previews. We aim to go into this weekend with the most virgin senses possible. It would have been nice to have Heavenly Sword or Lair on hand for the 'War' (as we'd like to kick the tires on his as-of-yet unchristined PS3) but the timing was not to be. From the tidbets on GoW2 that I have been unable to ignore, though, I'm expecting that the PS2's swan song should be able to make us forget that we're playing on 'old gen' tech.

If you work in an industry out of passion (as most people in the game development industry do) you owe it to yourself to have your own form of the WaTS to maintain the fires of passion the drive you to do what you do.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best. Idea. Ever.

Granted, I'm biased, but your point is salient for veteran / older developers. If you work in the business out of a passion for games, then you have to do what it takes to keep the fires burning.....even if it involves kicking your wife and child out of the house and consuming unhealthy amounts of food, alcohol, and other gaming accelerants

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