Wednesday, April 25, 2007

IGDA Meeting

Update So the GameCafe event was last night and it went relatively well. It took longer then expected to get started as most people ordered food and we didn't want to start the discussions until everyone had eaten and paid their bills. Hopefully for future meetings we'll find a way to have people fed and ready to talk in a more timely manner as more then a few (myself included) had to skip out before the end.

I think the quote of the night has to go to Alex Parizeau (Ubisoft Producer) who was moderating a 'Team/Studio' table. The big take away for him and everyone at his table for the night was the fact that we, as an industry: "have no idea what we're doing" and are only taking the smallest baby steps towards maturity as an industry.


If you live in Montreal and are involved in the game development industry, I hope you'll attend tonight's IGDA event.

The GameCafé concept is a fresh spin on the old roundtable discussion format, with a greater emphasis on intimate interactions in a more casual setting. For our next GameCafé we will explore the future of work in the game industry at three different levels:

Personal Career Level (eg, professional development, credit/trackrecord, quality of life, etc)

Team/Studio Level (eg, corporate structures, team dynamics, production methods, outsourcing, etc)

Industry Level (eg, business models, economic forces, impact of globalization, etc)

Each participant will have the opportunity to explore and discuss all three topics, as well as participate in a group-wide "debrief" at the end.

I'll be moderating one of the two tables on 'Industry Level'.

Hope to see you there!

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