Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hollywood and Games summit

Next week I am likely going to participate in the Hollywood and Games summit on a panel entitled:
"How Talent Can Successfully Cross the Digital Divide"
  • Kim Libreri, Vice President Advanced Strategy, Digital Domain
  • Yuri Lowenthal, Actor, Afro Samurai, Gilmore Girls, Prince of Persia
  • Susan O’Connor, Game Writer, Gears of War
  • Moderated by Jordan Mechner, Creator, Prince of Persia

If film, television, animation, and games are converging on a production, marketing, and retail level, where does that leave the individual creative talent that make these industries work? A film and game director moderates this discussion between a TV voice actor, a film visual effects artist, and a game writer.
I figured some of you reading this might have a thought or two on on this subject and I'd be interested to hear your comments as I prepare myself.

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Blogger Patrick said...

I helped a filmmaker friend (writer/star/director of a Slamdance Official Jury Selection short, so that adjective is vetted) shoot a scene of his lastest independent film last week. Interesting experience, but I'm not entirely familiar with the production methodology and economics of film. This may be of interest, however:

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