Thursday, November 08, 2007

A Good Sign

Last week while I was in Vancouver speaking at various schools I was showing some early prototype footage of Assassins Creed as part of the presentation. Unsure of just how ubiquitous the anticipation for this game was I would usually start out by asking "so how many people here have heard of Assassins Creed?". Perhaps it was naive of me to even bother asking given that I was talking to people who wanted to work in the gaming industry...I don't think I saw more then 10 hands not raised in the entire three days I was doing talks.

The buzz around this game is deserved and I love the fact that our CEO is willing to go out on a limb so bluntly and state very matter-of-factly the scores we're expecting for it.



Blogger alimokrane said...

A much deserved hype that's for sure. I cant wait to get my hands on the game next week!

let's hope you guys dont get devoured be EA ....

4:52 AM  

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